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Good news - Batman Begins is from a decent director: Christopher Nolan

Batman Begins, the next movie about Batman to be released soon, was directed by Christopher Nolan, the director of Memento, which was a really great movie, and Insomnia.

Although it can be better than those terrible prequels, we shouldn't not expect the quality of Tim Burton's now classics Batman and Batman Returns.


Joel Schumacher is the worst movie director in hollywood.

Check his filmography at IMDB.

Free image hosting services review

Do you have a digital camera, or anyway want to host many pictures in the web, but can't afford to pay for the bandwidth that would usually cost?

Free images hosting services are here to help us on that.

To the be quick, and are the best services. is ok, but it's basically a bootlagged version of the first ones.

There is also and, but these require registration, and offer limited services for free accounts.

To begin with, Strike9 requires registration and e-mail confirmation. Besides that, the Free account only offers 1Mb of space and bandwidth of 50 Mb/month. That's a shame.

At least you can use ZIP to upload multiple images easily.

Photobucket also requires registration, but offer a decent amount of space and bandwidth, compared to Strike9.

You can use up to 25mb in the free account, and transfer 1500Mb every month.

A great plus is that they offer FTP upload.

tinypic …

How to download "Google Hacks" oreilly ebook: irony

It's quite simple: google for "hydracefallus". It's a unique, misspelled word that only seems to appear in that book(and now in this blog). Obviously, downloading that book without paying is illegal, yet it's ironic that "Google Hacks" teaches just that kind of tricks.

Many would agree that book should be also labeled "how to find pirated or innocently stored oreilly books on the web".


Em breve: worm contra WINS

Se o exploit que acabo de ver publicado não é fake (ver nota abaixo), o Pai Dinah aqui prevê um worm que vai pegar os servidores win2k não atualizados.

O código foi publicado em e recebeu a descrição "ZUCWins 0.1 - Wins 2000 remote root exploit". Admins competentes nem precisarão verificar seus servidores rodando WINS, já que foram atualizados em dezembro.

Nota: Não testei o exploit, mas aparentemente não é fake. A título de curiosidade e pra fingir que eu entendo um código compilado só de abri-lo no notepad, o shellcode a ser executado, quando codificado em ISO-8859-1, é:
‹p­‹x_<‹û‹[xû‹Kù‹S$úSQR‹[ û1ÉA1À™‹4‹þ¬1ÂÑâ„Àu÷¶E DEf9uáf1ZX^VPR+NA· J‹ˆø¶M ‰DØþM u¾þMtþM$]SÿЉÇjXˆE €Ey ë‚P‹E5““““‰Ef‹Ef5““f‰EX‰Î1ÛSSSSVFVÿЉÇUXf‰0jUWÿUàEˆPÿUèUUÿUìD ”Sh.exeh\cmd”1ҍEÌ”WWWSSþÊòR”ExPEˆP±SSjþÎRSSSUÿUðjÿÿUä

Glob, mlog - maillog, gmailog

O gmail trouxe uma nova realidade pro meu cotidiano. Pude assinar diversas listas interessantes, que eu nunca podia passinar pela dificuldade de guardar as mensagens - e de organizá-las. O resultado é que o tráfego de mensagens que agora recebo diariamente é enorme.

Da maioria, como nas mensagens da bugtraq, leio apenas os assuntos.

No final das contas, passo muito mais tempo lendo e-mails do que propriamente "navegando".

Assim, se eu fosse de fato um blogger, eu não seria um "blogger", e sim um "mlogger" - um maillogger, e relataria o que vejo diariamente na minha caixa de e-mails.

Pena que não sou nem um nem outro.