Free image hosting services review

Do you have a digital camera, or anyway want to host many pictures in the web, but can't afford to pay for the bandwidth that would usually cost?

Free images hosting services are here to help us on that.

To the be quick, and are the best services. is ok, but it's basically a bootlagged version of the first ones.

There is also and, but these require registration, and offer limited services for free accounts.

To begin with, Strike9 requires registration and e-mail confirmation. Besides that, the Free account only offers 1Mb of space and bandwidth of 50 Mb/month. That's a shame.

At least you can use ZIP to upload multiple images easily.

Photobucket also requires registration, but offer a decent amount of space and bandwidth, compared to Strike9.

You can use up to 25mb in the free account, and transfer 1500Mb every month.

A great plus is that they offer FTP upload.

tinypic is a sister service of photobucket. They have an interface that is almost the same as imageshack's.

Service is simple, doesn't require registration. Alas, if you need to register to keep track of your messages, tinypic is not for you. They won't track your messages. That's up to you.

A great thing is you can use use infinite bandwidth, and the image size limit is not clear.

It's also cool that you can see other people's pictures and that there is a "top images" rank.

Images load a bit slow.

Imageshack offers all that tinypic does. Besides, its free account will keep track of your messages and you will have limited support (20 files) for sending multiple files through ZIP or other methods. They even offer image rating.

Like in tinypic, images won't load very fast. is great because you can storage many other type of files, including mp3, doc and xls. File size limit is 1MB. No registration required, and bandwidth is unlimited.

A nice feature is that you can choose for how long you want the file to be stored.

In short, if you are looking for a good free image hosting service, go check If you need to host other type of files, is the best choice, ATM.

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