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Setting the default locale (language) in TurboGears

The TurboGears documentation only mentions this en passant. It's easy to change the default locale (language) of your TG application.

In your project/, in you can add:

def locale_pt():
return 'pt'

turbogears.config.update({'i18n.get_locale' : locale_pt})

I have this in the top namespace of my file, not inside the Root class. I'm not sure if this is the prettiest way to make this work, but hey, it works for me. If you have any better suggestion, please leave a comment.

linux group passwords

Group passwords is a sort of obscure feature most people don't use. It is safer *not* to have passwords set for groups.
By setting a password to a group, you allow an arbitrary users to be part of that group as long as they know the password. That generally doesn't make any sense unless you need to grant a shell user temporary access to a certain group. I don't even know if it works as advertised.
If you see this at webmin for example, you can safely ignore this option. For more information, see: