Sharing the USB 3G serial network of a Mac OS X with a VirtualBox guest machine

When configuring networking on VirtualBox for Mac OS X, I got stuck because it didn't give me the option to use the "Host Interface" option with my ppp0 connection. The ppp0 connection is my "dial-up" Internet connection using a 3G USB modem.

The solution is so obvious, that I'm surprised I couldn't think of it before finding this post on the VirtualBox forum: just use the (amazing) Internet sharing option of the Mac.

- First, configure VirtualBox to use "Host Interface", and pick the "Ethernet" device down below.
- Then, Boot your guest OS (for example, Debian Live, or HaikuOS) and use DHCP to configure the network.
- Finally, configure Internet sharing on the Mac OS X. Just share the "connection from: " .. "To computers using: Ethernet". Wait a few seconds, then force a reload of the DHCP configuration on the guest OS, and it's done!

Now, the trick is how to make the network work on HaikuOS :-).


  1. Thanks! Saved the day while I'm waiting for my new router.

  2. How-to recognize great web sites ?
    They are still useful years later !


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