Having fun while trying to learn C++

I've been trying to learn C++ lately. I read a few chapters of a few books, but I got tired of just reading so now I am trying to fix bugs in free software out there.

The first step was to install Ubuntu on the Macbook Pro that I use. Second step was to find useful software written in C++ that needs small bugs fixing.

First I tried to fix a bug in gnote, but I wasn't persistent enough and the lead developer fixed the bug himself after many days without any update from me. The lesson learned here is do not just propose a fix a go walkabout. Stick to it until the end.

Now I'm trying to fix an bug in Ekiga. Actually, I think the bug is in the libopal, but I'm not so sure. The symptom is a segmentation fault in SIPHandler::SendRequest() and it only crashes when I set an outbound SIP proxy. Maybe I'm setting an invalid proxy, but well, it shouldn't be crashing.

Let's see how far I'll go this time.

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