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My preferred Android applications

I bought an HTC Magic a few weeks ago. One of the its coolest thing is the sheer number of apps in the Android Market. There are actually too many and finding the good ones requires lots of searching and testing. These are the ones I use the most so far:

- Wapedia, which greatly optimizes the wikipedia display for mobile devices.
- Pixelpipe, to upload media to Flickr easily.
- QuickDic German, by Thad Hughes (a googler, by the way)
- AnkiOnline. Not actually an app, but a mobile-friendly web site that is always synced with my desktop Anki database. I use it to study german vocabulary while commuting. Pretty cool.
- NewsRob, a Google Reader client (suggested by Cesar from Pinguis Moveis)

Soon I'll hopefully expand this list with an I app I wrote myself, but I've been very lazy lately, so who knows.