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Internet services I recommend

I'm a happy consumer of Internet services. Besides buying products from Amazon, iTunes, Google and other giants, I also subscribe to a bunch of small service providers that prove their competence and respect for consumers. It's only fair that I give them some praise and recommend their services to whoever might find this post. is a remote storage site that provides flexible data access like SSH, WebDAV and obviously rsync. They are a bit pricy but offer nice features like Git support. The problem is I can't use them to backup all of my MP3 bought from iTunes and Amazon, because of their price. And I've been using for private git repositories, so I'll probably cancel my subscription with sometime soon. I'm still looking for another cheap per-byte general purpose backup provider. This is a commodity service and features are not *that* important. So there is a chance I'll be stuck with Amazon S3 or Google Docs (which doesn't s…

German to English dictionary in the Kindle

I wanted to read books in German in my Kindle, but because I don't know any German, I need a dictionary. If that's what you want, a dictionary for German that works in the Kindle, then download this:
German to English dictionary converted from StarDict, ready to be used as a default dictionary in Kindle 3 (Available under the terms of the GPL)Long version:
I went through a lot of problem converting the StarDict dictionary of German to English. It really took me days. So let me dump the process here, roughly: download the stardict file. I believe the extension is .xdxfuse pyglossary to convert it to a tab-separate text fileuse tab2opf from this dude to convert the text file into an OPF set of files (.opf plus a bunch of HTMLs)go to and download the proprietary "kindlegen" tooluse kindlegen on the .opf file. If all goes right, you'll get a .mobi file at the end.After that, put the mobi file in the Kindle (I use Calibre for that) and make…

how to liberate O'Reilly books acquired from the Android Market

this post may be useful to people out there trying to read on a Kindle the O'Reilly books they acquired from the Android Market

O'Reilly is a competent, decent and not-evil publisher of technical books. They know that DRM only causes pain to good costumers, because bad customers will find other ways to access/steal their books. I therefore feel respected as a customer and retribute by buying lots of e-books from them :-).

The cheapest way to get e-books from O'Reilly is, besides the very unfriendly O'Reilly Safari bookshelf, to buy them via Android Market. Books acquired in the Market come bundled with a crippled version of Aldiko. Most of the time, that's good enough. But, there are two problems:

I want to have a backup of the books that I legally acquired. If in X years I don't have an android phone anymore, or maybe if I lose access to my gmail account, I won't be able to re-download the books.I believe it's legal and fair that I should be able to rea…