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Internet services I recommend

I'm a happy consumer of Internet services. Besides buying products from Amazon, iTunes, Google and other giants, I also subscribe to a bunch of small service providers that prove their competence and respect for consumers. It's only fair that I give them some praise and recommend their services to whoever might find this post. is a remote storage site that provides flexible data access like SSH, WebDAV and obviously rsync. They are a bit pricy but offer nice features like Git support. The problem is I can't use them to backup all of my MP3 bought from iTunes and Amazon, because of their price. And I've been using for private git repositories, so I'll probably cancel my subscription with sometime soon. I'm still looking for another cheap per-byte general purpose backup provider. This is a commodity service and features are not *that* important. So there is a chance I'll be stuck with Amazon S3 or Google Docs (which doesn't s…