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sync.Pool is coming soon

I predict that sync.Pool, an upcoming Go 1.3 feature, will be everywhere. Everyone will know how to use it and will change their existing programs to use it.

sync.Pool is a nice way to save allocations. In one example, I've replaced the buffer in bencode-go (used by Taipei Torrent) with a sync.Pool and it lead to massive savings in allocations. And the resulting code isn't ugly.

Readable and fast code == WIN.

These are the benchmark tests for bencode. Note the drop from 64655 bytes per operation to 7998 bytes per operation, for the BenchmarkDecodeAll test.

Before $ go test -bench=. -benchmem PASS BenchmarkDecodeAll         10000            105804 ns/op           64655 B/op        186 allocs/op BenchmarkUnmarshalAll      10000            174444 ns/op           69304 B/op        292 allocs/op After $ go test -bench=. -benchmem PASS BenchmarkDecodeAll         50000             51194 ns/op            7998 B/op        160 allocs/op BenchmarkUnmarshalAll      10000            106387…