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How to install VirtualBox on Scaleway's x86_64 servers

Scaleway offers reasonably priced dedicated servers that are now even cheaper than Hetzner's robo market.

I wanted to use them for doing Ansible tests using Vagrant. The problem is you can't easily install VirtualBox there, and it's needed for Vagrant to work.

Here's a script that should do most of the work for you:

#!/bin/bash # Expects Ubuntu 16.06 (xenial) and kernel 4.x. # Based upon a blog post by Zach at set -eux # Have the user call sudo early so the credentials is valid later on sudo whoami for x in xenial xenial-security xenial-updates; do egrep -qe "deb-src.* $x " /etc/apt/sources.list || echo "deb-src ${x} main universe" | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list done echo "deb xenial contrib" | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list.d/virtualbox.list sudo apt update sudo apt-get install dkms virtualbox-5.0 -y KERN_VER…

I've built something:

I've built something called It helps Stardew Valley players to share screenshots of their pretty farms.

It's a bunch of open-source software written in Go.

A Windows client watches the player's save files and uploads them to a RabbitMQ server whenever the game saves state (once a day in the game).

Then there's a Go program that parses every new save game and renders a screenshot using the image/draw and packages. We put that screenshot in a nice little website for everyone to see.

The screenshot emulates the game's appearance, except that it plots the entire farm in one image. People love that.

There's a bunch of people helping me on the project. The javascript frontend was written entirely by another guy, also on his free time. Another person is helping fix rendering problems. And a bunch of people have spent a lot of time helping test it. The SDV modding community has been very supportive so this has been a gre…