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Wikipedia did not replace books after all

I contributed to Wikipedia in its early days. It's incredible that after so many years of contributions from so many people, there are still many, many areas where articles could be massively improved.

See the one about Startup companies. As of December 2018, it's still weird. This surprised me.

In those idealistic years of the early 2000s, I was sure that by now almost all knowledge in the world would be captured in an open and free encyclopedia. I also believed that other forms of collaborative content would replace guide books and they would be much better.

I was very wrong. I have a few hypotheses as to why.

Certain topics are so ambiguous that it's a struggle to write about them in an objective way. The Wikipedia style is to write about "succinct description of dry verifiable facts", but for these topics people want to write about their preferred insights. Insights are subjective, you can't find scientific consensus about them, so the page becomes this me…